Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where in London (part VI)?

We have discussed in the past the London service depot in 5-9 Hatton Wall

Which had a distinctive lift to raise the bikes to be repaired to the second floor.

On a recent visit to London, we decided to take a look to see what was left of it. This is the modern version of the above shot,
Checking out more closely, we see that the windows have been modified, one can see it in the bricks surrounding them,
But looking up... we see two chains, a pulley and some anchor points remaining from the lift system!
Here is a shot of the modern front of the building, it is well preserved.

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  1. The more I examine the "then" and "now" photos the more I spot that apparently is original. Look closely enough and you will see that even the two posts extending from the buildings on the right remain. Thank you for visiting the site!



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