Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Congo, Buck Rogers, and milk on a Desmosedici.

The May issue of Cycle World, has more than half of its "Hotshots" (letters from readers) section devoted to letters about the article in the previous month issue about the Bullet Classic C5. A total of seven letters, all positive bar one. One gentleman from the Republic of Congo recalls buying a Military bullet in South Africa and riding it back 2000 kilometers through Namibia, doing the oil change and valve adjustment at 500km roadside with the onboard tool kit. The only negative letter was from a reader that claimed the C5 "looks like something out of a Buck Rogers serial". Kevin Mahoney clarifies that "we will be in California com hell or high water" in response to a letter asking about meeting CARB requirements. Finally, a reader mentions he has a Ural for "large errands" and a Bullet Military for "small errands". He corrrectly points out "there are sportier bikes out there, but can you bring home a carton of milk strapped to the tailpiece of a Desmosedici? What a mess! Try an Enfield, it's fun." Amen.


  1. Excellent post, Jorge. Thank you. I happen to agree that the C5 goes to the limit in retro appearance. But it certainly brings attention to the brand. Royal Enfield chose not to play it safe and the result won't appeal to everyone but it does look great on magazine covers.

  2. Thanks David. I'm not so sure. One is talking about niche markets here. Wouldn't you say there would be a market for a market for a gorgeous 1936 K model V-Twin that ran reliably and did not cost a fortune?

    I would snap one in an instant!



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