Monday, June 29, 2009

Flying flea unearthed in Arnhem

This and much more in this great Flying Flea website!


  1. Very curious. An Airborne motorcycle buried near the scene of a great airborne battle. But how did it get into that hole? If by falling from the sky, it would be wadded up into a paperweight. Maybe it ran into a hole, the wheels came loose and are still down in the hole. But the motor? Where is the motor? It didn't just fall off. This looks to have been intentionally buried. Maybe it was a civilian bike stolen, stripped for parts, and the evidence buried long after -- or before -- the battle. Fascinating in any case. Great find.

  2. Well, if you recall the veggie patch bike found in New Zealand recently, it also had no wheels nor engine. They appear to corrode faster? Or perhaps that one was stolen as well!!! Hmmm...




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