Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Royal Enfield

If you type "Mr Royal Enfield" in google, you'll correctly get hits for Kevin Mahoney or Pete Snidal. But in earlier times in the UK the title went to another man. Jack Gray was one of the founders of Gander and Gray, a parts supplier in the East End of London specializing in Royal Enfield. The shop opened in 1947 and closed in 1989. One of the parts from his shop can be seen on display in the Royal Enfield Bullet Big Head being auctioned on ebay this week.


  1. Hi Jorge. I think Gander & Gray in this case may have supplied the entire motorcycle, perhaps as a dealership. The tag is too big and too prominent to refer just to a part, the tail light assembly or fender, which appear to be strictly factory in any case. Again, a tremendous find on you part. It never occurred to me to track down Gander & Gray although I wrote about this bike on my blog,

  2. I can confirm that this plate does indicate that the bike was supplied by Gander & Gray. I knew the shop very well for many years, I lived around a mile away from them until I was 22, and they were my "Local Bike Shop" and I grew up with a love of the Royal Enfields. The original U.K. Royal Enfield were still making Interceptors when I first visited the shop, and seeing this picture brought back many happy memories.

  3. hi does any one know the the first name of mr gander of gander and gray

  4. Believe he was known as 'Bert.'

  5. I've got Gander & Gray listed as 592-594 Romford Road Tel 01-478-6062 because thay advertised a wa nkel-powered bike in MCN in 1975. Really must delete that address book.

    1. Ah yes, the famous rotary engined "Roto Gannet" as it was called. Bright yellow and proudly displayed in the window. About 300cc I think.

  6. The Gander was my grandfather's brother, heard they built bikes too.



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