Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flying flea

David Blasco has a nice post about the Royal Enfield Flying flea, the motorcycle that was parachuted together with airborne troops in World War II. In our era of modern 1000+cc cruisers, the Flying Flea with 4hp and 125cc doesn't look like much. But it should be put in the proper context. Compare the smile of this paratrooper who discovers he got a Flying Flea, with the puzzlement in the face of this paratrooper that got a Welbike!


  1. Jorge, thank you for your reference to my post. Your item is done partly in fun, but it must have been true, huh? The Flying Flea was a real cross country motorcycle. The tiny wheels and uncomfortable posture of the Welbike must have made it little more than a novelty except on the smoothest paths. A soldier would have found even a folding bicycle more useful, I suspect.

  2. Absolutely! I'm preparing an upcoming post with opiniong by the Home Guard on the Flying Flea. Stay tuned!



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