Sunday, August 2, 2009

The sun never sets on Royal Enfield

The August issue of Cycle World has the "10 best bikes of 2009" section. Among the surprises, Triumph wins for best cruiser. David Edwards in his "up front" column has the "Ten rest, 2009" section. There the Royal Enfield Classic C-5 features in the category "Best Empire Extender". Here is what Edwards says: "Not so sure about the Commonwealth these days, but there's no doubt that the sun never sets on Royal Enfield. Since acquiring the rights to the British bangers in 1955, the Indians have churned out about a million of the bloody things! Now comes the Classic C-5, with unit construction and -wot's this, then?!- fuel injection. Score one for the Colonies, old boy." I'm not so sure so many references to the empire will go all that well in 2009 with the manufacturers in India (nor with people in the UK for that matter!), but it is an American magazine after all... In the same column the category "Best Technology" goes to the Honda CBR600RR C-ABS, due to its ABS technology. Readers of this blog know that the award should have gone to the Royal Enfield Super meteor, in 1958!

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  1. "Best Empire Extender" It makes me proud to read that! :)




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