Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Lady Drives IV

Continuing with the brochure produced by Royal Enfield in 1915 we turn to the fourth featured rider:

"The Maximum of Pleasure" Miss May Walker, of Redbourn, writes on February 24th, 1915:-

"I have driven a Royal Enfield Side-car Combination almost daily since I purchased it in February last, and it has given entire satisfaction. I can start it up without the least assistance, which speaks well for a big twin. The machine has given the maximum of pleasure with the minimum of trouble. In rain, hail and snow it is always ready and reliable, and I cannot find the slightest fault with it."

Miss May Walker is an acknowledged authority on Motor Cycling matters, and her freely expressed praise of the Royal Enfield Side-car Combination is a splendid tribute to the suitability of this Model for the lady Motor Cyclist.

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