Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Lady Drives V

Continuing with the brochure produced by Royal Enfield in 1915 we turn to the fifth featured rider:

"An Ideal Machine for a Lady Mrs. M. Evans, of Wimbledon Park, S.W., writes on March 23rd, 1915:-

"Although there are still some people who think that motor cycles are complicated pieces of machinery, difficult to manage and dangerous to ride, I can say with confidence that such ideas are erroneous.

"I have now drive a Royal Enfield Side-car Combination for 15 months, and my experience was, that a few lessons from a good driver quickly gave me plenty of confidence; that my Enfield was the most simple thing in the world to manage; and that with quite ordinary care the safety of both driver and passenger are assured.

"The Royal Enfield is indeed an ideal machine for a lady, and I am sure there would be many more lady riders if they realised its reliability, its low cost of upkeep, and the ease with which it can be managed."

We are sometimes led to believe that nervousness is an attribute of the feminine mind, but Mrs. Evans' letter will dispel any such thoughts that may arise in the minds of fair converts to motor cycling.

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