Friday, March 19, 2010


From "The book of the Royal Enfield" by R. E. Ryder (1931): "Unattended animals, astray on the road need more care, for they do the most amazing things. Generally, it is useless to shout at them or to use the horn, and the only way to get past them is as quietly and as slowly as you can. If such animals are frightened they usually run round and round in the middle of the road. Hens are another matter, for they are always frightened. The only way to avoid them is to do your best to run over them. This may sound curious advice, but it is a fact that it is impossible to run over a hen on a motor-cycle if the rider goes straight at it."

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  1. Very funny! However, I suspect this may be true, for hens. Here in South Florida we have big Muscovy ducks that love to play in the puddles left in the street after a rain. They WON'T move, not even for a car, so in their case, you have to go around.



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