Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Velocette connection

Towards the end of its British life, the Enfield cycle company closed its flagship Redditch factory in March 1967. Production of the Interceptor continued in the underground Westwood factory. At that time Royal Enfield was the property of the E & H P Smith consortium. They struck a complex deal with Norton Villiers to continue the production of the Interceptor. Part of the deal was Veloce Ltd, who purchased the single cylinder Royal Enfield operations including the complete spares and service department of Royal Enfield and also provided parts for the Interceptor. Thanks to The Velobanjogent here is a picture of the Velocette stand in the 1967 Earls Court show exhibiting the Royal Enfield parts, According to the Velobanjogent, the piece of Royal Enfield that Veloce purchased was acquired for £20,000, when the real value was £100,000, and this kept Veloce alive for three more years financially. In 1981 Burton Bike Bits Purchased The Entire Royal Enfield ex-factory Stock From Aerco Jig & Tool, who in 1971 purchased the Westwood Factory and all Stock as well as the Veloce stock.

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