Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lightning Bulletteers

The Lightning Bulletteers are a group of ten riders from the Indian Army who decided to ride Royal Enfield motorcycles to places where Indian soldiers fought and died in World War I and World War II. Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and the UK were the main destinations. Among them was Gallipoli, which brings up a personal connection. The guy on the horse most to the right in the picture was my uncle. I was named after him. The picture was taken while training in Egypt about a week before being shipped to Gallipoli as part of the British Latin American Volunteers. I never met my uncle, he was wounded and left unattended on a beach for a week, just like many other casualties (logistics in Gallipoli were terrible). There he contracted malaria. His health never recovered and he passed away in 1921, but his pictures, letters and stories were quite alive in my family. Going back to the Bulletters in their website you can find pictures, a timetable of their recently finished journey and you can congratulate them on their blog. A fantastic trip!

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