Thursday, September 8, 2011


A double sidecar, as recently featured in The New Cafe Racer Society, is a very balanced proposition. This brings to mind an article of "The Motor Cycle" of 1914. The text accompanying the picture shown below says:

"Although not absolutely novel (as we illustrated a double seated machine in The Motor Cycle of 1903), the accompanying photographs of an Italian production, which is at present at the depot of Messrs. Robertsons, 157, Great Portland Street, W., will be of interest. The bodies are made of sheet steel, and present a pleasing appearance. There is no reason whatever why a motor bicycle should not be converted into a twin or double-seated sidecar on the lines of the photograph, except for the one fact that it makes it a four-wheeled vehicle, and therefore subject to motor car taxation. We cannot say that we have had much riding experience with a double seated sidecar, although we illustrated it once as stated. We only drove it for a very short distance, and it is so long ago that we cannot remember any particular vices it had. There is no reason, however, why it should not steer quite safely and well if the passengers' weights are fairly evenly balanced. Naturally, a powerful motor bicycle is necessary to pull a double weight, but there are numeours motor bicycles on the market which are quite capable of pulling the weight of two passengers in addition to the driver. In the present case, the double seated sidecar is shown attached to the Enfield 6. h.p. motor cycle, a machine which is constructed especially for sidecar work." And, as we like to add in this blog, for which nothing seemed impossible at the time!

Today, 157 Great Portland does look the part of a former depot. Can you picture in your imagination the double sidecar being exhibited there?

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  1. Jorge, you find the most amazing things. This never occurred to me, in my wildest dreams, yet it seems so natural an idea (while totally impractical -- why not, indeed, just get an automobile?). I suppose the great flaw is the one hinted at in the article: unless you happen to have twin children or ballast is employed, you are almost always going to be unbalanced to some degree.



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