Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cordoba, Argentina

I was visiting Cordoba, Argentina and noted the local newspaper section devoted to motorcycles. At the end it lists the prices of the new bikes. And there, in full glory, one can find Royal Enfield. Don't know why blogger insists in displaying this picture sideways, no matter what orientation I give the original...


  1. The prices seem to be marked variously with U$D or USS or just $. The Bullet prices are in U$D. Does that mean U.S. dollars? If so, they are expensive!

  2. Indeed they are. You have to factor in a significant amount of tax on imports. Worse, I believe the government has stopped most imports these days, so the bikes they are selling are probably the last ones, at least for a while. Just for reference, a Nissan Sentra starts at US$ 23k.



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