Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guru Nanak Dev University

I must confess I never heard of Guru Nanak Dev university in Punjab. But that is not surprising. India has 275 state universities, 130 deemed universities, 90 private universities, 5 institutions established and functioning under the State Act, and 33 Institutes of National Importance. If you add in colleges the number reaches a staggering 33,000. But now it has jumped to fame, as it has banned Royal Enfields on campus as too noisy. This sounds very unfair to me. Sure, some students may modify their Bullets to make them noisier, but his blanket ban penalizes those that have machines that make the beautiful subdued thump that we all love.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, mostly young Punjabi's do modify their exhausts to make it sound very loud...... May be to seek attention among girls. Some even add an extra flap to the mudgard that comes in front of the exhaust that makes a louder sound. But i dont think so there is any rule specific to enfields that causes noise pollution.



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