Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The first grouse

The first Grouse delivered at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow in 1926 of course had to come on a Royal Enfield.

Friday, August 16, 2019

In Cycle World

I have been reading US motorcycle magazines for a while. Almost no mention of Royal Enfields ever. But this month's issue of Cycle World is a different story. It is not online and I do not have permission to reproduce the articles so I will just comment and quote a bit.

-There is a GT650 in white on the cover.

-The lead editorial by the Editor in Chief, "Up Front" is titled "India rising" and it starts with him recalling his first assignment as a moto journalist in 1999 was to test a Bullet. It ends predicting an increase in the presence in the US market.

-A few pages down a two page advertisement for the GT and the INT.

-Then there is a comparo by Justin Dawes and photographs by Jeff Allen between a Kawasaki W800 Café and the GT 650. The latter comes up on top! Here are some quotes:

"The GT 650 is a machine meant to grow Royal Enfield's business in the United States, whereas the Kawasaki is a niche-targeted exercise in nostalgia."

"Output is competitive with the W800 despite the GT's 125cc displacement deficit. But thanks to Royal Enfield's 30-pounds-lighter weight, drag-strip performance of 13.89 seconds at 96.49 mph was nearly identical." (it is talking about a quarter mile, the Kawi did it 0.04 seconds faster but at 95.27 mph).

"On US Interstate 5... Keeping up with traffic often means speeds closer to 80 mph. Willing engines meant neither machine needed much prodding to cruise at these velocities, though only one of the chassis was up to the highway-speed challenge." It claims the use of Dunlop K300 GP tires, although more retro made the ride concerning. The GT had no issues.

"At speed, improptu fifth-gear roll-ons have the Royal Enfield pulling ahead every time... The small displacement 650 feels livelier and has more on tap, not only on the freeway but around town."

"The underdog Enfield takes the win in the city with more spunk and character."

"Heading... into the mountains... Once again the Royal Enfield out-performed the Kawasaki."

"The tighter the turn, the happier the Continental GT is."

"At our performance-testing facility, the Continental GT stopped quicker from 60mph with a distance of 150 feet, but the Café is more communicative."

There are complaints about the seat being too hard, the fit and finish of the Kawi is better (but not $3,500 better)

It ends with "If motorcycles with competitive quality and bargain prices is Royal Enfield's future, then that future is bright indeed."

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The 1926 Six Days Trial

The streets of Castleton are still narrow. I can't guarantee this is where that picture was taken, but check the hanging light on the left of it and the ones on the houses to the right...

And a new literal meaning to "flipping the bird"...


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