Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Nashville is a 2012 TV series created by Callie Khouri, of Thelma & Louise and Mad Money fame. It centers on the country music industry at Nashville, TN, and its conflicts. In episode 16 of the fifth series, one of the protagonists meets a music producer in what appears to be Barista Parlor, a bar whose main location is in a former auto repair shop and is decorated with Royal Enfield motorcycles. I could not find a picture showing what the TV series does, so maybe it was a temporary exhibit. Although this blog has one with other Royal Enfields in the place,

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Svartpilen 401

It might be because this blog was started 13 years ago, when there was hardly a mention of Royal Enfield in the US media. But I still get a kick of seeing articles like the one in the last issue of Rider Magazine about the Scram 411. 

If you are wondering about the title of the post, let me quote you the last two paragraphs of the article: 

"Has Royal Enfield got a sophomore hit on its hands? Accepted on its own terms – clean retro styling, a modestly powered little-engine-that-could Single, a solidly built price-point chassis, and an entry-level price – the answer is a qualified yes. Part of the deal is a low-tech motorcycle that’s heavy for its displacement class (432 lb with its 4-gallon tank full), which will be appealing, irrelevant, or unappealing depending on your point of view.

In the small-displacement scrambler segment, there aren’t many options available, but the Scram 411 isn’t the only game in town. For an extra $300, there’s the more modern, more powerful, and lighter Husqvarna Svartpilen 401. Different strokes for different folks."

I must confess I had never heard of the Svartpilen 401. It has 43 hp vs 23 for the Himalayan, which is 30% heavier. In the US and other markets, the prices are quite similar, so it might appear as tough competition. In India however, the Svartpilen is 50% more expensive, so I imagine RE should not worry too much about it as a competitor.

Friday, December 2, 2022

Jets Forever


Jets Forever creates interesting customs, including a couple of beautiful looking Royal Enfields. You can read their story here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Avon tyres

Avon Tyres have a long history with Royal Enfield. It has been announced that the historic plant at Melksham in the UK, dating back to 1904, will now close. Avon Tyres was sold to Cooper in 1997. Here is what the plant looks today,

and this is what it looked like in the 1930's, those curved stone walls are still there,
A little bit of history here.

Saturday, November 26, 2022


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