Thursday, March 5, 2009

Theory of Relativity

As a practicing physicist working on Einstein's theory of relativity and Bullet rider, I couldn't let this one pass. This is the masthead of an article by It reads "Royal Enfield Electra EFI ES Deluxe. Theory of Relativity: Royal Enfield Bullet 500. According to Einstein's theory of relativity when you go at the speed of light time wraps itself around and allows for space-time jumps. The best proof of this, although slower, is this Royal Enfield Bullet 500"


  1. Somehow, riding an Enfield does "take you back". You travel slowly through space yet quickly back through time.

    Jorge, have you noticed that your blog is showing up regularly in Google Blogs search? What's your secret? My blog rarely shows up there. You are doing something right!

    All best,


  2. Hi

    no idea why it shows at google blogs search... Perhaps because it is hosted by
    google blogger?




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