Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harley to buy Royal Enfield?

At least a hint of that is in one of the journalist's questions in this interview with Harley Davidson India's Managing Director, Anoop Prakash. However, giving the current conditions, with Harley posting dismal sales, closing down Buell for a few months, and Royal Enfield growing vigorously, I'd rather bet a takeover could go the other way round! After all, if Tata owns Jaguar and Land Rover...


  1. From the atricle, jos exact words were “We like the fact that Royal Enfield has followed our approach of evolution with their range of motorcycles and we would like to closely associate with them but that is about it.”.

    It's hard to wade through his thick marketing speak, but I really doubt whether HD wants to own RE. Both serve different niches, and RE has low appeal internationally. Of course I'll be happy if it happens because we might then see a twin cylinder engine from RE's stable after a long time!

  2. Ive owned a couple of Harley's in the past, and I wouldnt like to see HD involved with R.E. in any way, other than maybe in order for Harley to learn how to make a light bike with great looks, value for money and real charm! To my mind they cant teach RE a thing, I mean for pete's sake they have H.O.G! LOL!




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