Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Lady Drives III (or the healing powers of Royal Enfield)

Continuing with the brochure produced by Royal Enfield in 1915 we turn to the third featured rider:

"Better in Health than I have ever been" Mrs. Mary Riley, of Birmingham, writes on March 20th, 1915:-

"Until I took up motor cycling I was one of the most nervous persons, and suffered two serious breakdowns. My doctor advised me to undergo an operation, but happily I altered my mind later, and decided to have a Motor Cycle and Side-car so that I could get into the fresh air in comfort. I soon found great benefit from the outdoor life, and to-day I am better in health than I have ever been. This is entirely due, I feel sure, to motor cycling.

"I learnt to drive on a 3.5-h.p.......with Side-car, but quickly decided to buy a 6-h.p. Royal Enfield. I became so accustomed to this outfit, and its reliability, that I decided to try competition work, and have done remarkably well. My Royal Enfield has never failed on one hill, and I have now covered over 15,000 miles on it."

Mrs. Riley is probably one of the most experienced lady motor cyclists of to-day. She has competed in many of the leading motor cycle trials, and always with marked success.

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