Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Royal Enfield welcomes Harley in India!

“The leisure biking market is getting more exciting. An entrant like Harley is good for us,” said Siddartha Lal, CEO of the company.


  1. I am no marketing genius, but it seems to me that if Harley-Davidson helps sell the idea of having a big displacement motorcycle for fun, its ads will benefit Royal Enfield as well. So it could be an advantage to have Harley taking a bit of an ever increasing market.

  2. Hey Harley isn't affordable to a majority of Indian populace.I think Indians would prefer to go for an low cost SUV(GYPSY) rather buy over priced Harley.This is where RE steps in, the good old mate of the common man taking him through the ups and downs of Indian landscape.



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