Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where in London, part II

Royal Enfield had a different showroom in London before World War II, it was at 5-9 Hatton Wall, this is what it looks like today, according to google street view, here is an image of the upper floors, the building looks old, so it could be the same in which the showroom was, There was also the depot, located in 48 Holborn Viaduct. Today there seems to be a modern building there, but I wonder if the old part in the right may belong to the original construction? This is what it looked like in its day,


  1. Jorge, this technique of yours is really fascinating. I enjoy every one of your virtual excursions into the past. Recently I used your technique to hunt for an old building here in Miami and I did find it, but so thoroughly disguised by sad modern facelifts that at first I didn't recognize it. If only these walls could speak. Keep up the good work.



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