Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where in Manchester?

The Royal Enfield dealer in Manchester after World War II used to be Scott Brettle Ltd, of 211 Deansgate. With google street view we can see that the place still exists today, having been the head offices of Ellis Brigham for a while, Mr Brettle sold bicycles in addition to motorcycles and I found this interesting story about a man who attempted a trip around the world in bicycle in 1933. According to a Manchester newspaper: 'Manchester Man Attempts to Capture World Tour Cycle Record "At 10-30 a.m. on Thursday, July 21st, a Manchester cyclist, Mr. W.H. Coe, left the premises of Messrs. Scott Brettle, Limited, 192 [apparently the numbering changed or Mr. Brettle moved after 1933], Deansgate, Manchester, on a Coventry Eagle Cycle supplied through them, in an attempt to beat the present record, for a cycle tour around the world. Mr. Coe expects the tour to last two to two and a half years, and intends to acquaint Messrs. Scott Brettle, Limited, as to his progress during each stage of the journey. Before leaving Manchester, Mr. Coe autographed photographs of himself for the large number of Manchester cyclists, who, at the invitation of Messrs. Scott Brettle, Limited, had come to see him off, and to wish him good luck and God speed.' Unfortunately, Wilfred made it only as far as Turkey, where, arriving at the border with no money, he was turned back as a vagrant."

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