Friday, April 2, 2010

Where in Feckenham? Part II

Royal Enfield's factory number 4 was located in Feckenham, about 6 miles from Redditch, in the location of a former needle factory overlooking the village green. According to various reports it appeared to continue as a private residence. Here is a picture from the 1950's, Sometime ago we were theorizing if a certain google maps picture could still be the factory. Now google has added street view and we can confirm that the factory is still standing! What we thought was a sign on the neighboring house was actually a boarded up window, now housing a satellite dish,

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  1. Interesting how vintage pictures and modern pictures so rarely match in perspective. In particular, the Google car (I saw one recently in Baltimore) has the camera positioned on a tall mast far above normal eye level. This is a brilliant series of posts, Jorge, thank you.



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