Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wilf Green

Wilf Green was the Royal Enfield dealer in Sheffield. His store is now a Spar supermarket but you can still distinguish the three wooden blinded windows above it, Wilf built the tiniest Royal Enfield for the tiniest rider, his son,


  1. Hi I worked for wilf green I started work in 1955 and I left in 1961 I am in your first photo I am the one on the left my name is Ernest Twigg the one one on the left of the photo was John Hunt next to him is Denis Coffee the workshop manager I do not know the names of two of the but the one in the middle is Wilf Green he had a wife and three children and he came from Chesterfield

  2. Hi Ernest, I remember you.
    I'm in the photo (Tony Johnson) and the other guy is Barry Glaves - sidecar fitting specialist.



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