Friday, December 17, 2010

One of our dinosaurs is missing

One of our dinosaurs is missing is a 1975 Disney comedy filmed in Pinewood studios in London. The plot involves an alleged British spy, Chinese spies and several old nannies, and is supposed to take place in London after World War I. In a twist of the plot, the nannies steal a dinosaur from the London Natural History Museum in a steam powered truck and end up driving it out of the city with the Chinese in hot pursuit. In the end it turns out the alleged British spy had not stolen a military secret but the recipe for won-ton soup, and that is how that food staple entered the West (it was the personal recipe of the Chinese Emperor's mother, that is why it had to be smuggled out of China). One of the nannies (Emily) owns a Royal Enfield 900 v-twin with sidecar, a clear proof that the 1915 booklet "The lady drives" was a marketing success. Here is a collage of the scenes the Royal Enfield is in, they are a bit over the top, with the bike smoking profusely, but it is rare to see one of these in action, so enjoy!

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