Monday, April 4, 2011

Where in Bradford?, part II

After the war ended, the War Department motorcycles were re-sent back to the factories to be refurbished as civilian machines and sold as new. Royal Enfield was inundated with thousands of motorcycles. First they stored them in the underground factory in Westwood. But the damp conditions there were bad for the bikes, so a building in the center of Trowbridge and two buildings in Bradford-on-Avon were either rented or acquired. We covered one of the Bradford buildings in another post, it does not exist anymore. Now we found evidence of the other building. In the book "Secret underground cities" N. J. McCamley mentions that the other building was in "an old brewery in Wine Street". There is an old brewery on 53 Wine Street still today. It currently hosts  an online gift book company. They responded to my email saying they would try to find out if Enfield had ever been there, but could not find anyone to confirm it. Wine street is rather short, the odds of having two breweries on it are low, so I'd say it is is rather likely that we found the right place.

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