Saturday, March 2, 2013

Watsonian Squire stops distributing Royal Enfield

Watsonian Squire, which distributed Royal Enfield in the UK since 1999 has announced it is concentrating on other projects. I hope they find another distributor soon. Although the number of bikes sold in the UK pales compared to those sold in India, it is still an emblematic market, in which Royal Enfield had captured the 5% of the market in 126-650cc segment


  1. I am part of the 5%, but am surprised to still be their. How true that royal enfield makes a man out of a kid and a mechanic out of a man.

  2. Not surprised. It will be a brave company that takes on the importership. Potentially nice bikes but unacceptably poor quality and now way too expensive for the UK market. You can now buy a new Honda 500 for less than a new Enfield. No contest!



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