Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where in Bradford? (part III)

As readers of this blog know, Royal Enfield had an underground factory in Westwood, first used during World War II to produce precision work and then housing all production of the Interceptors when the Redditch factory closed. In addition to this factory, Royal Enfield had other factories in nearby Bradford-on-Avon to support the underground efforts. We found the one in the old brewery, currently an apartment complex. But we could not locate the one in Greenland Mills. Google street view does not go there, and Google satellite just shows residential housing. Now we have found that after Enfield vacated the factory, it was occupied by Marcos Cars. Through their fan history page we found a picture of the factory that sort of looks the part, comparing it to the old picture of our first post. It caught fire in 1995 and the picture is after the fire. Presumably it was torn down afterwards to make space for the housing development there present today.


  1. It does look the part. Great detective work.

    1. I don't know if I could help on this topic but in the late 1960's I did visit the Bradford on Avon Plant.
      We went to the Plant because Royal Enfield were in the process of closing down and the company I worked for were interested in purchasing their Gear Cutting Equipment.
      It was a very interesting visit because the workshops were housed in Limestone Caves and at the time there were a number of Motorcycles stored there.
      As a matter of interest my the company was Hi-Ton Engineering which at the time was housed in the old Aerial Motorcycle Plant in Selly Oak Birmingham.
      Not sure if the company bought the equipment as while discussions were in process I left and began working for BSA Motorcycles in Small Heath Birmingham.

    2. Thanks Anonymous! As we have mentioned in the posts, there were several factories in the Bradford on Avon area, you are describing the one in Westwood. We have covered it in the blog.

    3. I'm sure you are correct, it was over 40 years ago. All I can remember was I was told it was at Bradford on Avon. I can also remember having lunch at a Golf Club towards Bath with a distant view looking at that City.
      Incidentally Wiltshire is a lovely part of the Country.

    4. Just check this post, this post and the one it refers to. It should bring back memories.



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