Monday, July 3, 2017

Where in Redditch (Part XI)?

If you don't recognize the buildings we are talking about, check our post on a visit to Redditch a few years ago.

So we visited Redditch again taking a break within a European trip. Big changes in the Enfield factory I'm afraid. To begin with, the iconic building to the left of the main one that had "Royal Enfield" painted on the roof, has been renovated. The back is attached to an office furniture warehouse. In the front there is a small battery store. The roof has been renewed, so it does not read "Royal Enfield" anymore.
The buildings further along Hewell Road have been demolished! This includes the one that used to have a plaque from the Royal Enfield Owners Club (the former repair depot). The lot is surrounded by a wooden fence. It has signs of "To let" and mention a "Royal Enfield Business Park"
As can be seen, the little house that was perpendicular to the other buildings and always looked kind of odd (perhaps it belonged to a separate owner), has been spared demolition. It is in a derelict state, though, with most windows broken. The picture on the "To Let" sign,
has an artist's conception of an industrial building where the repair depot building was,
but also includes a renovated little house to the right, so it appears it will be spared as a residential building. Someone was driving a forklift into the site through the back door, so I managed to get a shot from there,
one can see the debris of the demolished buildings and the little house still standing. 

The former cafeteria is still going strong as a bath and shower products company. The little square building housing transformers at the end of the former athletic fields (now industrial estates) is still standing. It was a pity none of us Enfielders had the money to buy one of these buildings in order to preserve it...


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  2. at least if they have re-roofed the old bit that said royal enfield, then I guess it will be around for a while, and what we think are the old paint drying sheds are still there as well.

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