Friday, December 3, 2021

Ghost train: Redditch to Evesham

To reach Redditch, the historic hometown of Royal Enfield in the UK, one takes a local train from Birmingham New Street that ends at Redditch. Before the 1960's the line extended further south to Evesham. This video recreates that train ride in a modern map. The map is upside down (South is up). It starts from the Redditch Train station, which is just south of where the Royal Enfield factory used to be. The station has been slightly relocated with respect to where it was when the Royal Enfield factory was operational to make way for the development of the modern Redditch downtown. Around 0:40 the train swings next to a shiny building that currently is a B&Q store. That is where the Eadie Manufacturing Company was and where the entrance gate still remains. The Eadie Manufacturing Company spawned the Enfield Cycle Co. in 1893, which would later become independent and become Royal Enfield.

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