Monday, July 4, 2022

Cycar in Rectory Road II

 It appears the lady in the fur coat is present in several staged promo pictures for the Cycar. In a previous one, she was mailing a letter in a mailbox that still exists in Rectory Road, Redditch.

This other one seems to be in the same spot, but from the other side,
The lamp post sign says A448, which today is a divided highway, surrounded by forests. At the time of the picture it ran along what is now Birchfield Road, here is a modern picture,
This is the beginning of Rectory Lane off Birchfield. The garage is no more, but the house with the vertical stripes under the roof is.

Now, check out the moulding on the bricks above the window in the house to the left of the garage. They are still there!
Although the old picture seems to suggest two windows underneath the top one. Perhaps part of the brick house was sliced away to give rise to the white house to the right.

Update: Following a suggestion by David Blasco of, I include a wider angle shot that shows the striped house and the one with the molding. 

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