Sunday, January 29, 2023

Mecum auction Las Vegas 2023

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend the Mecum motorcycle auction  With more than 2,000 bikes being auctioned, it was one of the largest motorcycle assemblies I have ever been at, possibly only comparable to the National Motorcycle Museum in the UK. And all the bikes were being auctioned! There were many unique motorcycles, like a two engined Ariel Square Four dubbed "the two by four". Here is a view of the area where they stored the motorcycles already auctioned, giving an idea of how many bikes were,

There were three Royal Enfields, a 1977 Bullet 500, beautiful in maroon an chrome,

a 1951 Bullet 500,

and a 350, also from 1951
And here is a video of how one of the auctions goes,

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