Monday, May 4, 2009

Treasures in Denver

I'm in Denver, CO for the April meeting of the American Physical Society. I took time off to visit the Vintage Motos museum. It hosts an amazing collection, mostly of Italian motorcycles. Hosts of Parillas, Bianchis, MV's, Laverdas, Benellis, Ducatis, Gileras. There were also several interesting other motorcycles, like the unique Imme, a Velocette with boxer engine, a Sarolega. No Royal Enfields, but the owner of the museum claims his first motorcycle was a Royal Enfield made Indian based on the unit-engine Crusader. I then went to the Forney Transportation Museum which hosts a large collection of vehicles, like this gorgeous six wheel Hispano-Suiza in the foreground, built for a king that was deposed, The small motorcycle collection in the museum includes an Indian based on the Royal Enfield Crusader that we mentioned above,

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