Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Lady Drives II

Continuing with the brochure produced by Royal Enfield in 1915 we turn to the second featured rider:

"My Royal Enfield is simply delightful" Miss Phyllis Relph (Mrs. Lionel Atwill), the charming actress, writes in 1915.

"My 6-h.p. Royal Enfield is simply delightful. Together with my husband, Mr. Lionel Atwill, I have made many long trips, and I always take my turn in driving. I am sure that I have found great pleasure in motor cycling, and the Side-car Combination is ideal-so easy to drive and so very dependable. We could not want anything better."

Miss Phyllis Relph is known to most theatre-goers. As a motorist she appreciates the many merits of the Royal Enfield-an appreciation which is also shared by Mr. Atwill.

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