Thursday, October 8, 2009

Royal Enfield bubble, take two

Some time ago we were pondering how much a magnificent 1933 Royal Enfield V-Twin would get at auction in Columbia, TN. Well, the results are out and the price was $27,000!

The subject of antique motorcycle prices is discussed in the fall issue of The Antique Motorcycle. They point out that in contrast to the classic car market, which has gone soft, the classic motorcycle market seems to be thriving. One of the theories is that car collectors who took a hit from the economy may go for the less costly motorcycle collectibles. Although the Legend of the Motorcycle Show of Half Moon, CA, took a year off, two major collectible-car shows, the Quail show and Pebble Beach in Carmel, CA, added motorcycles this year. The LA Times covered the subject in a recent article as well.


  1. Thank you Jorge for your blog.. really it is 'Royal' as the name says..

  2. There's another pic and a bit of background info I got from the auction house on my blog.
    I never thought it would bring so much money. I wonder if they washed it at least?



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