Saturday, January 30, 2010

The smallest Enfield

Since our last post was about the most powerful Enfield, we had to follow up with the least powerful Enfield. In the 1990's Enfield India produced a 25cc motorized bicycle called the Enfield Mofa, probably unaware that "mofa" in Spanish means "mockery". There are not many details out there about it. It seems it was actually produced by an independent subsidiary company called Enfield Mofa Ltd established in 1986. Production took place in a plant that Enfield had in Anaikaraipatti, 330 miles southwest of Chennai. Enfield was apparently a very positive influence in the region, having helped with the creation of the Parivallal high school. Apparently that plant closed down several years ago. The company formally ceased to exist in 2004, but the bikes probably were produced for some time during the 1990's, having been introduced in 1988. No suspension!


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  2. I do hold an enfield mofa 1984 model.

    1. I need enfield mofa if u want to sell ur bike please inform me plz

    2. mofa available with me kindly contact at both

  3. You can find some more details in the below link -



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