Thursday, July 15, 2010

Royal Enfield what?

Given the incredibly rich and complex history of Royal Enfield, no new finding is capable of surprising me anymore. But this one is coming close. I got it on ebay. It is a liquor bottle in the image of a 1960's "Flower child". The label in the lower part says "Collectors bourbon" bottled by The Maloney Distilling Co. of Anchorage Alaska.

At the bottom, barely legible, it says "Royal Enfield Porcelain" surrounding a little crown and followed by "Liquor bottle 185, 1968". I haven't been able to find anything about Royal Enfield porcelain. Anyone has any ideas?


  1. Jorge, I've seen these on eBay for years (there's a male figure as well, I believe). I've looked around the internet, but found nothing printed about them. Yours looks nicer than the pictures I've seen on eBay. Congratulations.

  2. There are actually several "hippie" bottles with the RE mark, as I recall. Here's one on ebay: It's actually from Anchorage, Kentucky, not Alaska.

  3. It says Anchorage Kentucky but the distillery waa actually located a little distance from there in Fisherville, KY until the distillery caught fire and burned down. You can still find the old pump house at the creek and piping but the rest is long gone.



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