Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GT's return from America

Towards 1967 the Redditch factory was only producing the Continental G.T. at a rate of about 500 a year. The Interceptors were being produced in the underground factory in Avoncliff near Westwood and Bradford-on-Avon. Eventually the Redditch factory was closed down and production of the Continental G.T. terminated. Cowles of Sunderland bought the remaining stock of G.T.'s and apparently 100 were brought back from North America, where no market had been found for them. They were offered to dealers in 1970 and apparently a fair number of them ended in France and the Netherlands. They all were delivered with a five speed Albion gearbox but also with a cluster of gears for four speeds as the five speeder had proved troublesome. The picture offers documentary evidence of the G.T.'s brought back from america, from an article by Jack Gray in The Gun issue 21.

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