Friday, January 21, 2011

The twins are coming!

For many years, in Enfield related bulletin boards someone would raise the question of if a two cylinder machine was in the works. And for years the company seemed to have a laser focus on the singles. This made sense: Royal Enfield was a relatively small company, it would have been a very risky move to launch a model, ostensibly for export mostly, and take head-on the likes of the new Triumph Bonneville.

But I guess that the new affluence in India, and the ramped up production to 100,000+ bikes a year has changed the mood. The company is still being vague, but talk of twin bikes by 2012 is starting to emerge.

I have mixed feelings. I owned a new Bonneville and for the type of riding I do (mostly 50mph roads) the Enfield is much more fun. And if you want to go on a US interstate highway, where 70-80mph is usual, I would like something more massive than a new Bonneville. But I guess it takes all sorts... Now if rumors that it will be a V-Twin are true, I'd be the first in line to get one!

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