Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Royal Enfield Owners Club in the wilderness years!

While the Enfield motorcycle company was alive in Redditch and later in Westwood, there was a Royal Enfield Owners Club in the UK. For mysterious reasons, when the company closed down, the club also disbanded. Towards the late 1970's Don McKeand and others tried to restart the club and eventually succeeded in 1978, forming what is the Royal Enfield Owners Club of the UK today. They started publishing a newsletter called The Gun. To their surprise, they received a letter from Larry Graham from Hunt, Texas, signed "President" of a Royal Enfield Owners Club existing in the US! There is very little information out there about that club, or during which years it operated. Larry Graham had a Kawasaki/Suzuki dealership in Kerrville, Texas and also ran a youth camp in Hunt, which still exists and lists him as "director emeritus". I tried contacting him but got no reply. In his day he owned a Constellation based Chief and also a Madras Bullet "one of six in the US" at the time, according to an article in The Gun by Tim Elbourn chronicling a trip from New York to Texas on a Series II interceptor he took in the early 1980's.

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