Saturday, January 23, 2010

Royal Enfield factories, then and today

This post is just a collection of previous posts about the Royal Enfield factories for easy access and reference. The first post is about my visit to Redditch. The other posts are the investigations via google maps and bing maps as to where the factories were, ordered chronologically for each factory. If you read them that way you will see how from the initial confusion we ended up with a good final picture. These findings were crucial to know where to look at when visiting Redditch.

  • Royal Enfield in Redditch Today.
  • Where in Redditch? Part I
  • Where in Redditch? Part II
  • Where in Redditch? Part III
  • Where in Redditch? Part IV
  • Where in Redditch? Part V
  • Where in Redditch? Part VI
  • Where in Redditch? Part VII
  • Where in Redditch? Part VIII
  • Where in Redditch? Part IX
  • Where in Redditch? Part X
  • Where in Redditch? Part XI
  • Where in Edinburgh? Part I
  • Where in Edinburgh? Part II
  • Where in Edinburgh? Part III
  • Where in Edinburgh? Part IV
  • Where in Edinburgh? Part V
  • Where in Westwood? Part I
  • Where in Westwood? Part II
  • Where in Feckenham?
  • Where in Feckenham? Part II
  • Where in Bradford?
  • Where in Bradford? Part II
  • Where in Bradford? Part III
  • Where in the Isle of Wight?
  • Where in the Isle of Wight? Part II
  • Where in Hunt End? Part I
  • Where in Hunt End? Part II
  • Where in Hunt End? Part III
  • Where in Chennai?

    1. Made a trip to Hewell Rd a couple of weeks ago on my 2011 Classic 500. Here's a link to the picture to see what the Factory looks like nowadays.

    2. In this age of light and sleek Japanese Motor cycles, Royal Enfield Bullet is still a craze among Bikers.



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